AfricaSahara is an online media outlet that seeks to redefine the coverage of news across the continent. Our promise on delivery is premised on three key planks – timeliness, accuracy and detail – all day, every day (24/7).

A key strength we have in mind is to cover Africa in the real sense of the word. We shall offer a voice to countries that have hitherto enjoyed less coverage from the established news agencies on the continental scale.


The Sahara (desert) is a natural landmass that connects the two main parts of the continent – the predominantly Arab north and the ‘cocktail’ of Anglophone, Francophone and Portuguese in Sub-Saharan Africa.

That is what Africa Sahara principally has set out to conquer, to effectively connect the entire continent with information and by so doing project its truths and harsh realities to the global audience.


With the increasing consumption of global news across board, most international outlets have pitched ‘news camps’ in Africa for a share of the ever growing online and TV news market.

The Africa    narrative, however, remains largely the same despite significant positives over the years. As a wholly African-owned and run team, ours is a five word mission as we aim to connect and project the continent – ‘From Africa to the world.’

And this we seek to achieve without compromising on our three key planks of timeliness, accuracy and detail.