Road accidents, Zimbabwe to Ghana: deaths and protests

Within a twenty-four hour stretch, Ghana and Zimbabwe have had to deal with issues of roads in the respective nations – death resulted on both sides.

Another commonality being the political and governmental talk of never again and the setting up of committees to probe into what led to the incidents.

Zimbabweans on Wednesday were struck by the death of 47 people – 45 adults and two kids in an accident that was caused by head-on collision of two passenger buses in the northeast.

Authorities said dozens others were injured and are being catered for in health facilities. The president Emmerson Mnangagwa has since sent condolences and pledged support for the afflicted. A probe is underway.

Over in the capital of Ghana, angry residents blocked a major highway in eastern Accra. The Adenta – Madina – Aburi highway has claimed lives because of its lack of human protection mechanisms.

The death of a high school student is the straw that broke the camel’s back as residents blocked the road with burning tyres. Police reportedly fired live bullets in a bid to disperse the crowd.

Prior to today, several people on social media had accused authorities of doing little to address concerns that the stretch needed footbridges and functional traffic lights.



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