School kids kidnapped in Cameroon’s NW capital, Bamenda

Dozens of school children have been abducted in Cameroon’s North West regional capital, Bamenda. The incident is believed to have been carried out by separatists elements operating in the Anglophone zone.

Government sources confirmed the occurrence to Reuters news agency stating that it happened on Monday morning. No separatists group has yet claimed responsibility for the kidnap.

The Anglophone Zone comprises – North West and South West regions – which is home to the country’s minority English-speaking population.

Mondays are usually unofficial ghost-town days as declared by separatists fighting to establish the so-called Ambazonia republic.

Separatists have severally called for social boycotts and have attacked schools and other social actors who are seen to be defying their orders.

They also routinely engage in exchange of gunfire with state security forces, which incidents have led to deaths and caused people to flee their homes.


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