Ethiopia begins online visa issuance for all tourists starting June 1

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Starting today, June 1, Ethiopia is issuing online visas to tourists from around the world and to other categories of visitors coming into the country.

The news was released by Fitsum Arega, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister. According to him, the move coupled with a relaxed visa regime will enhance the country’s openness and also entrench the leading reputation of its national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines.

Just last week, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed that following Rwanda’s lead, Ethiopia was going to allow a visa-free regime for all Africans.

“The President (Kagame) invited all Africans to travel to Rwanda without visas, we will follow you very soon,” he said during a state banquet held for his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame, who was on an official visit.

That news elicited wide reactions, largely positive, on social media as people hailed the gradual materialization of a united Africa that allowed people to move freely.


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