Tension in SW Cameroon as key exams kick off, school heads kidnapped

Two school heads were late last week kidnapped in Buea, capital of Cameroon’s restive Southwest region.

A public transport on which they were travelling was intercepted by armed men who fished out the two heads. It is not known why they were picked amongst other passengers.

The two are Madam Georgian Enanga Sanga and Mr. Eric Ngoumba – there has been no news about the duo since last week Friday.

The four armed men are said to have left with the captives long before security forces arrived, thus an inability to rescue them.

Reports indicate that there was incessant appeals by other passengers but it all fell on deaf ears. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the incident.

Meanwhile, there is high security across Anglophone Cameroon – northwest and southwest as the General Certificate Exams – Ordinary and Advanced level, started today.

Armed men were stationed outside exam centers to forstall any attacks by separatists elements in the area. That nothwithstanding, a number of candidates did not turn up for the exams.



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