Nigerian couple share one-year anniversary photos of ‘miracle’ sextuplets

A year ago, a US-based Nigerian couple reported having sextuplets after seventeen years of trying.

On the first anniversary of the kids – three boys and three girls, their parents have shared photos of the one-year-olds.

At the time, the Adeboyes according to husband Taiwo were surprised that in search of one, God had given them six.

Mrs Adeboye delivered the kids at the Virginia Commonwealth University Teaching Hospital (VCU) in Richmond, VA on May 11, 2017.

Below, the terminology for multiple births from two to nine:

Two = Twins

Three = Triplets

Four = Quadruplets

Five = Quintuplets

Six = Sextuplets

Seven =  Septuplets

Eight = Octuplets

Nine = Nonuplets


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