[Photos] Conjoined twins successfully separated in Nigeria

Surgeaons in Nigeria’s northeastern Adamawa State successfully separated conjoined twin girls. The about four-hour surgery is said to have taken place about a week ago.

The Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Yola, Adamawa state capital, achieved the feat as a team of surgeons led by the Chief Medical Director of the centre, Professor Auwal Abubakar, successfully separated four-month-old conjoined twins.

Auwal, a professor of paediatric surgery who led a surgical team at the end of the procedure credited the entire team with the achievement. It is the second duch operation at the center.

According to him, it took the professionalism of all involved to make the procedure possible from surgeons, anaesthetics, radiologists, laboratory scientists, preoperative nurses, and cleaners.

“We have a successful separation of conjoined female twins(Omphilopagus), this development was recorded following a team work by different medical units.

“The surgery was conducted on May 14, and the chances of survival of thetwins were excellent,’’ he said. Parents of the girls expressed their delight at the outcome of the surgery.

Whiles Nigerians on social media also hailed the team for showing that with the right materials and conditions, Nigerians doctors could do what people will ordinarily expect to be done overseas.

On his part, father of the twins, Muhammad Ramat from in Maiduguri, capital of adjoining Borno state thanked the management of the hospital for paying the bills for the surgery.




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