Sierra Leone president’s three ‘peaceful democratic wars’ – Feasible?

Sierra Leone president Julius Maada Bio has promised to wage a three-pronged war in the West African nation.

A leading Sierra Leonean journalist Umaru Fofana tweeted that Maada Bio vowed to wage three “peaceful democratic wars.” A war on indiscipline. A war on corruption. A war on poverty.

It seems that on discipline has kicked off in earnest when he issued a presidential directive early in April. The directive cautioned against laxity in civil service and reintroduced national cleaning exercise.

During his inauguration ceremony on May 12, the president set the tone for his next five years: The “Education for Development”, program will begin with developing education. The government has announced a free education program to start later this year.

For a country that had a series of corruption reports come up during the last administration, activists are waiting to see if people will be hauled before the courts any time soon.

The war against poverty is also crucial for a country that has been consistently ranked very low in the United Nations development index.

Again, political and development watchers are looking at how the president and his administration will roll out plans to combat the scourge of poverty.


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