Cameroon Anglophone crisis pops up in U.K. parliament, MP worried

Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis on Wednesday made an appearance in the United Kingdom’s lower house of Parliament – the House of Commons, with a request from a lawmaker that the government gives updates on what it is doing over the situation.

MP Jessica Morden (Labour Party member for Newport East) raised the issue seeking answers over the security crisis and the resultant refugee crisis in the Central African country.

Her question was directed to the British Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin. In response, Baldwin reiterated the U.K. stance that there was the need for cessation of violence by parties and more than anything for the process of inclusive dialogue given that key polls are slated for later this year. Below are her full remarks:

“I am delighted Mr. Speaker that she has managed to get this important issue on the Order Paper and for discussion here in the House of Commons because it is a serious situation, there violence from all sides in Cameroon, we are extremely concerned about the situation.

“And we are encouraging the government but all Cameroonians to participate in the process of inclusive dialogue. It’s an election year and this must take place without resorting to violence.”



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