Somalia president calls for end to senseless regional hostilities

President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, has waded into an inter-regional confrontation between Puntland and semi-autonomous Somaliland regions in the country.

Reports over the past few days indicate that troops belonging to the regions have clashed in Tuka-raq village in Sool region.

A statement from the presidency, Villa Somalia, late Tuesday read in part: “The hostilities in Tuka-raq must cease immediately, it has already caused death and damage, it is senseless and must stop.”

The president enjoined the leaders and elders to negotiate for peace and agreeable coexistence. He also deplored deadly violence in other parts of the restive country.

According to a VOA journalist who extensively covers Somalia and the Horn of Africa, Harun Maruf, full-scale fighting had taken place between the respective forces with each side accusing the other of starting the clashes.

He cited a source that confirmed that there were casualties on both sides. The United States has also called on the factions to amicably resolve their differences.



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