Eritrea accuses Ethiopia, Sudan over destabilization plot

Eritrea says two of its neighbours along with Qatari terrorist groups are scheming to destabilize the country in a press statement released on Tuesday by its Ministry of Information.

Asmara holds that Ethiopia and Sudan during a recent meeting by their respective leaders agreed to support armed groups with links to Qatari insurgent groups in that regard.

The statement said during the meeting between Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and Sudan president Omar Al-Bashir in Khartoum, both governments “have agreed to provide these groups with material support inside their respective borders as well as to extend to them requisite facilities for enhancing their free and unhindered, cross-border, movements in the two countries”.
The statement added that appointments had been made to oversee the said plot, it said “the Ethiopian side had appointed the Consul in its Embassy in Khartoum, a certain Mr. Burhan, who has also been acting as the principal supervisor of the operations of Qatari funded Jihadist groups.”
Sudan it said had appointed General Hamid Al-Mustafa, as a counterpart for the Ethiopian appointee, for the coordination task.
“This scheme, launched at a time of intense and pretentious PR campaigns, is in essence, neither new nor surprising. We hardly need to emphasize its futility,” the statement concluded.


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