Trotro Diaries [2]: Beyond Facebook, the Get-togethers and TTD App

For a social media page that is sure to hit 300,000 participants sooner rather than later, what is clear is that proponents of the platform continue to keep a goal in mind beyond connecting experiences.

Two such measures employed by TTD is its mobile application – still under construction, and get-togethers where members can physically interact and network. At the time of writing, the group’s website was also inaccessible.

TTD as a community has contributors from across the world even though contributions are predominantly centered in and around Ghana.

The get-togethers are also tied to anniversary celebrations of the group, the last edition was successfully executed in November 2017, when the group had turned six years. There are plans for an outing slated for June 15th.

TTD has and continues to make waves on local media platforms locally, it has been featured in the widely circulated state-owned Daily Graphic newspaper – at a time administrators were using the platform to teach road signs.

Founder Yaw Odoom has been on several TV shows to talk about TTD, and there is the international bit when he appeared on CNN’s Inside Africa show on transportation in Ghana’s capital city, Accra.

But just in case you happen to join the group or wish to recommend others to join and to share their experiences, here are the four ‘holy’ guidelines:

  1. TroTro Diaries (TTD) is a meant for sharing real commuting experiences and posts directly related to TTD activities. Posts which are not in line will not be approved. Selfies should wait for trofiecompetition. Passcos, religious, motivational posts and other such unrelated posts will be removed. And repeat offenders will be blocked.:p
  2. We believe in Respect and Tolerance. Your post/comment can have decent humor but SHOULD NOT disrespect others. Avoid showing people’s faces especially kids and people sleeping. Pls use the Report To Admin feature if u think some post should not be here
  3. Let’s use a language our diverse audience can understand and avoid strong language/insults and graphic images. Insults will earn you a sweet block 🙂
  4. For feedback, suggestions or complaints inbox Yaw Odoom. DO NOT post it on group wall. All rights reserved.


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