Eritrea unfazed by Ethiopia’s diplomatic doublespeak dating 2 decades

The government of Eritrea has reiterated its position on the border tensions between them and neighbouring Ethiopia.

Asmara stands by its position that Addis Ababa’s refusal to respect international law was at the heart of the twenty-year-old crisis.

The most recent exchange on the issue was started when an Ethiopian Minister said Eritrea was still engaged in destabilization moves in the region.

She was speaking to the United Nations sanctions committee on Somalia and Eritrea during a courtesy call last week. Her views elicited a hard response from Eritrea’s Information Minister Yemane Ghebre Meskel.

In seeking to buttress its point about Ethiopia’s apparent double speak on the issue, Eritrea’s information ministry shared a two-decade-old statement issued by its council of ministers when Ethiopian forces attacked their Eritrean counterparts.

The two neighbourly countries have a history of a deadly war that claimed lives of thouands and displaced same. A boundary demarcation deal under the “Algiers Agreement” signed in 2000 has yet to be fully implemented.

The lack of implementation being because Ethiopia refuses till date to abide by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) ruling that awarded the southwestern town of Badme to Eritrea.

Ethiopian forces are said to be occupying that land till date. New Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is on record as seeking to normalize relations with Eritrea but Asmara says giving back Badme is all that is needed.

Statement of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers in response to the statement by the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia, May 1998


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