Ethiopian town of Moyale rocked by deadly inter-ethnic clashes

Moyale, a town in Southern Ethiopia, has been rocked by interethnic violence that has led to deaths and displacements.

The BBC Africa journalist in East Africa, Emmanuel Igunza, said witnesses told him that the clashes which started early Sunday morning is between Oromos and the Garre ethnic group.

He stressed that there had been casualties reported and a humanitarian situation developing alongside. People were fleeing the border town located in the Oromia region into the Kenyan side.

Moyale was in the news in March after Ethiopian military killed nine people in a botched intervention meant to intercept anti-government elements.

The country at the time was without a substantive Prime Minister and was under a state of emergency – imposed on February 16 to quell insecurity.

Then Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn was still at post awaiting the election of a successor. He resigned on February 15 according to him to allow for political reforms to be undertaken.

He has since been replaced by Abiy Ahmed Ali, the first ethnic Oromo to rise to the office of Premier. Abiy, a little over a month in office has repeatedly called for unity in a country riles by anti-government for the better part of 2015 – 2017.


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