Ramadan 2018: Tips on maximizing the blessed period [2]

This is the second and final part of Ramadan 2018 tips shared by a Twitter user. May Allah reward her and us all. Below are the remaining eleven tips as shared by sister Maira.

12. Perform all sunnah prayers for each of your five daily prayers.

13. Follow up a bad deed with a good one and it will wipe it out.

14. Limit coffee and tea because the caffeine makes your body lose water; stay hydrated with juice or water instead.

15. Encourage others to do good. (This can be done through social media)

16. Get some good company.

17. Gratitude: The secret to an increase in anything is to be thankful for it.

18. Salty food at iftaar and suhoor will cause dehydration and make you feel increasingly thirsty.

19. “The hadith regarding the breath of the fasting person does not justify poor dental hygiene. Brushing, flossing before taraweeh is advised. Excessive sugary snacks and drinks are also harmful for the teeth.”

20. Fibre and proteins keep you feeling full for longer.

21. When someone antagonizes you say, “Verily I am fasting. I am fasting. I am fasting.”

22. Learn to let go. Allah s.w.t says in the Quran that those who become angry but are quick to forgive will have a reward from Allah.


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