Ramadan 2018: Tips on maximizing the blessed period [1]

Today May 1, 2018; is the 15th day of the month of Shabaan, which means Ramadan is some two weeks away. Different people plan Ramadan differently – it should suit one’s schedules but more than anything please Allah (the Most High).

Africa Sahara encountered a Twitter thread that shared 22 general points about how to make the best of the period.

We present the first part of the material posted by one sister known as Maira – may Allah reward her with goodness and may we all beneficiaries be rewarded also.

Tips for Ramadan

1. Have sincere intentions and work hard. Make lots of dua for an ultimate productive Ramadan.

2. Plan your day the night before. Choose 3 important tasks you want to achieve the next day and record it in a diary.

3. NEVER MISS SUHOOR. Wake up at least one hour before suhoor and have a balanced meal.


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