Ramadan 2018: Tips for the ‘warm up’ month of Sha’baan

Muslims the world over are earnestly waiting to welcome the biggest annual visitor, Ramadan 2018.

May are those that are engaged in different types of preparation from the physical, social, economic and health perspectives.

Below are five tips shared by a Saudi Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem on his twitter handle. With Shaban almost at halfway line today (April 29 = Shabaan 13, 1439H), it is two weeks before Ramadan arrives. And now, the tips:

1- The phrase “hit the ground running” is perfectly used to describe forms of worship in the month of Sha’aban as a warm up for Ramadan!

2- Most of the Muslims suffer in the beginning of Ramadan and some may even continue to suffer till the end! This is due to the fact that they are not used to the different forms of worship done in Ramadan.

3- Therefore, try your level best to fast the white days beginning tomorrow (i.e. 13th, 14th, 15th Shabaan) and all Mondays and Thursdays. Make it a condition that you recite one or two juz’a of the Quran every day and to pray night prayers even if 10 to 20 minutes a night.

4- When you do this, you will notice that you feel like you are at home when Ramadan begins! Fasting is easy, Quran is beautiful and taraweeh prayers never felt this sweet.

5- Begin from today to observe your prayers on time without missing the first takbeer with the Imam and get ready to fast, recite the Quran and offer night prayers as much as you can in the remaining days of this month, and I promise you a “Ramadan to remember”!


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