American rapper Rick Ross given rich, wealthy Kenyan name, Tajiri

American rapper Rick Ross loved a Kenyan name he was given by a radio hostess. A day to his highly anticipated concert in Nairobi, the rapper appeared on the NRG Radio.

The name TAJIRI was bestowed on him by Mwalimu Rachel, it is a Swahili word that denotes riches and wealth. Across the consul Ross seemed content with his new name.

‘Guess what that means, rich, wealthy, with that wealth comes power, with the power comes responsibility. Tajiri, when you go up on that stage tomorrow, I will be waiting on you to say ‘What’s up Kenya, it’s your boy Tajiri…’

There was controversy over purported demands made by the musician known as Boss. It turned out that a list making the rounds on social media was fake.

It is known that most foreign acts who come to perform in Africa have made detailed demands of organizers of such events.

Maybe for being so nice as to give him a Kenyan name, Boss Rick Ross Tajiri gave the hostess a gift as seen below.



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