Kenyan matatu driver who helped deliver baby in his car gets rewarded

When in early April 2018, a commercial vehicle (matatu) operator in the Kenyan capital Nairobi helped a woman deliver a child in his car, he became an online hero.

People on social media hailed George Kariuki for his courage and foresight to help the woman in labour deliver and send her to the hospital. He went on to contact her husband to ‘deliver’ the news and to follow up to ensure baby and mother were fine.

His heroism did not remain only on social media. An oil company Afal East Africa distributors of Caltex lubricants is due to reward him for his effort. The content of the package is yet to be known.

After passengers in George’s car alighted after the woman went into labour, he singlehandedly catered for her through labour till delivery and drove mother and child to the Neema hospital.

“When the head popped , I helped the lady push the baby. I told her to hold the baby, closed the door and rushed her and baby boy to Neema hospital. I also called her husband who was in Narok and later followed up to ensure baby and mum are okay,” he said at the time.


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