When a hippopotamus got stuck in a muddy pit, there was an emergency situation in the capital of Burundi.

The authorities needed to act fast and not just act, but with tact. The hippopotamus is free but how did the rescue mission go about?

Location/Place (Where): In western Burundi’s Bujumbura province.

Situation (What): A stranded hippopotamus which fell in a pit filled with water after heavy rains. It had been almost fully submerged for three days and there were fears it could die from hunger.

Rescue Mission (How): A bulldozer employed to carve a path for the hippo in the mud, after a few minutes of hesitation it ‘won’ independence – it was free again.

“The hippo population in Burundi has increased over recent years due to measures banning their poaching.

“The increase in their numbers has caused similar incidents, as the animals stray far away looking for other sources of food,” the BBC’s Africa LIVE page reported on Monday (March 26, 2018).


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