[Photos] Where did the FIFA World Cup trophy visit on Africa trip?

The World Cup starts in Russia in under three-month’s time. Organizers and associates / sponsors continue to work earnestly to ensure that the event lives up to the billing.

One key global campaign to keep the vibe up till opening ceremony in Russia is the trophy tour.

The FIFA World Cup trophy tour is sponsored by non-alcoholic beverage giants, Coca Cola. The tour took off in Colombo Sri Lanka in January this year and wraps up in the Russian city of Vladivostok on May 1, 2018.

Under the purview of this piece, we present the full African destinations of the golden trophy that underline global supremacy in the game of football.

It first arrived in Africa in Sudan on February 22, 2018, flying in from the United Arab Emirates. It went to Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Ivory Coast and rounded up in Cairo with a two-day tour March 15 – 16.

From Africa it was flown across the Mediterranean to Italy where it started its European tour. It was due to visit France and Germany (home of the current champions) then to Norway before going to South America.

Khartoum, Sudan – February 22 – 23
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – February 24 – 25
Nairobi, Kenya – February 26 – 27
Maputo, Mozambique – February 28
Johannesburg, South Africa – March 1 – 2
Cape Town, South Africa – March 3
Kampala, Uganda – March 5 – 6
Abuja, Nigeria – March 7 – 8
Lagos, Nigeria – March 9 – 10
Dakar, Senegal – March 11 – 12
Abidjan, Ivory Coast – March 13 – 14
Cairo, Egypt – March 15 – 16


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